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Drive Test, as already mentioned, is the procedure to perform a test while driving. The vehicle does not really matter, you can do a drive test using a motorcycle or bicycle. What matters is the hardware and Software used in the test.A notebook - or other similar device (1),with collecting Software installed (2), a Security Key - Dongle - common to these types of Software (3),at least one Mobile Phone (4),one GPS (5),and a Scanner – optional (6).Also is common the use of adapters and / or hubs that allow the correct interconnection of all equipment.The following is a schematic of the standard connections.


KOSPL provides telecom network site installations and telecom base station installations. Every KOSPL project’s objectives are defined to meet customer’s needs and expectations and are clearly communicated. We apply our site development and analytical skills to deliver solutions that build first world network infrastructure.Flexibility during delivery of network and base station installation services and optimizing human and capital resources, ensures a quality solution within budgets KOSPL specialises in site services covering the entire infrastructure life cycle for fixed, wireless and radio networks:Our stringent quality and environment and health and safety (EHS) standards throughout execution have contributed substantially to building South Africa’s telecoms infrastructure through various Vendors and Operators.


We can provide Certified De-installation for a wide variety of telecom related equipment. By leveraging the cost of de-installation services with the sale of the decommissioned equipment, our business model provides our customers with a turnkey solution for their surplus assets. Our engineers and technicians have the ability to design and adhere to a method of procedure (MOP) or a scope of work (SOW) for a variety of de-installation requirements. These include Complete Central Office, POP Site, Cable Mining, Battery System, Generator and HVAC systems. Our team of experts has a minimum of 20 years in the telecom industry.


MW survey is carried out to have MW connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Sight clearance. The MW LOS Survey is carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for an acquisition. The survey is critical in nature because any failure in LOS can cost heavy loss on account of providing infrastructure at the site and delay in project Tools Used: GPS,Binocular,Magnetic Compass,Path loss tool,Maps,Altimeter,Measuring Tape,Camera Steps of a LOS (Line Of Sight) Survey:Collect Nominal of proposed site and those of the nearest locations to which customer proposes the LOS connectivity & Verificatio.Record latitude, longitude, building data, obstruction data and surrounding terrain data on the LOS Survey template.Generate LOS Path Profile for the proposed Link using Path loss 4.0.Generate LOS report for the proposed Link using Path loss 4.0,Conduct physical survey of the hop to identify any field obstructions and verify the LOS path profile.Complete the Site Survey Candidate evaluation report.


We provide Preventive, Corrective, Routine and Breakdown Maintenance including Diesel Filling in the Cell Sites.We provide DG maintenance, diesel filling, first level maintenance for DG, AMF Panel, UPS, Fire Alarm System, FMC, NMS, follow up for alarms, order wire, battery voltage, level of distilled water in the secondary cells, battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs / building and in case of any discrepancy report it to etc.Preventive Maintenance services as per the SLA / SOW Corrective Maintenance, DG servicing, AC servicing and Over Hauling in accordance with the specification by OEM / Customer,Break down Maintenance like tracking of Alarms for site outages and link failures,Diesel filling according to the BEET PLAN to ensure the availability of HSD in the DG tank. Preventive maintenance on the BTS and antenna system include:Radio Power Management,Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Measurement for RF feeder cables,Verification and correction of Connectorization of RF / IF cables,Validation of antenna orientations and corrections if required